Serve Jesus. Serve others.

Sorry, y’all.  I totally did not mean to disappear for two weeks!  Last week was Vacation Bible School at my church.  And, let’s be honest here, does anything else really get done during VBS?

No.  The answer is no.

But, I’m back now and I want to share a little thought with you that I’ve been thinking about since the weekend.

This past Saturday night, my church family and I traveled an hour and a half to be in service with a fellow church.  When I say traveled, I actually mean we white-knuckled the handles on the door and prayed we wouldn’t slide off the edge of the mountain on the way there.  Not kidding, y’all.

But despite the beautiful mountain views and the breath-taking moments, the service left me with a considerable amount of “stuff” to ponder over.

Have you ever heard someone testify and the words of their testimony ran through your heart on repeat for several days after?

“I come to church to get what I can and take it back out into the world.”

I don’t know the name of the man that said those words, but something really spoke to my heart when I heard them.

Take back to the world

I’ve been reading a Bible plan on YouVersion called 30 Days of Heartwork.  This particular plan focuses on servant-hood and does a great job of pointing out specific ways to pray for “the least of these” if you don’t have the means or the abilities to serve someone hands on.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 25 (particularly in verses 31-46) that we are to feed those that are hungry.  Give drink to those that are thirsty.  Take care of the sick.  Clothe the naked.  Serve the poor.  Visit those in prison.  The list, friend, of things we could do for others, especially those that can’t help themselves, could go on and on and on.  Jesus even says that when we do these things for other people, we’re essentially serving Him.

Truthfully, our love for Christ should make us want to serve and bless others.  So, when I heard, I come to church to get what I can and take it back out into the world, that statement really struck a cord in my heart.

We should (and I’m talking to myself here, too) be going to church and grabbing as many blessings as we can– love, hope, faith, salvation, and more importantly, God.

Why? Serve Jesus. Serve others. -Cassie L. Wilson - learning to be the light

So we can go right back outside the church door to those that are lost and offer them something the world can’t offer.  That’s right.  Love.  Hope.  Faith.  Salvation that comes through Christ.  And an introduction to the Father.

There’s a song that goes “God put a million, million doors in this world for Love to walk through.  And one of those doors is you.”

Yes, you.

When you serve others and share the blessings you’ve received from Christ, you’re holding the door wide open for Jesus to walk out and shine His goodness and mercy on a heart that is lost in the dark.

So, go, friend, and share Jesus with the world.  There’s always a way to serve others.




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