Whispers of the Spirit: A review and a warning.

Okay, friends.  I guess by this point if you’ve been following my blog for a while and reading my posts, you know I like to read.  I’ll pretty much read anything I can get my hands on.  I’m a HUGE (please read in *the voice*) fan of the Goodwill.  Not just for the great finds, but because the books there are cheap.  Never fails, once I clear off my bookshelf, one trip to the Goodwill fills it back up.

Being as I like to read, when I was offered the opportunity to review Dr. Brenda Rambo’s Whispers of the Spirit, I jumped at the chance.  Anything to make me think, especially on things of the Lord, I want to read!

You may remember a while back that I talked about having a prayer journal.  While I’ve only been writing down prayers for a couple solid months and spending time with the Lord through journaling, Dr. Rambo has been doing it for years… well, a couple decades if we want to get specific.  It’s through her journaling and the quiet Whispers_of_the_Spiritmoments with the Lord that her devotional, Whispers of the Spirit, came to be.

(Y’all, none of these links are affiliate links.  Just thought I’d throw that out there for good measure.)

Dr. Rambo has a devotional for nearly every situation you may find yourself in and a devotional for every emotion you may be feeling, too.  To me, the way she writes, it feels like a letter from God.  Yesterday on the way to church, I was reading a particular devotional, Whisper 54, titled “Walk Out Your Salvation” and was reminded of a dream I had a few days ago.

In this whisper, Dr. Rambo writes, “Take seriously so great a salvation paid at such a high price.  Repent, turn, and walk toward Me in a new way.  Come to Me while I can be found…. Do not reject the God of your salvation.”

Y’all, that dream I mentioned a few seconds ago, the memory of it hit me all over like a ton of bricks.  Now, you might think I’m crazy and that’s okay (I got a double dose from the parents… kidding.  Not.), but sometimes my dreams, especially dreams I know without a doubt come from God, have some weight to them.

Work while there is day

In this dream, I was standing talking with someone in desperate need of Christ about what I can only guess was current events.  I mean, any time you turn on the news, something horrible in the world has happened.  This person said something along the lines of  “Jesus needs to come!  And soon!”  Y’all, Jesus does need to come soon, but there’s work to be done and souls that need salvation before He does come.  The time to work and spread the Good News is now.  Not tomorrow.  Not four years from now.  But, now.  Thinking along those lines in the dream, I said as much to the person I was talking with and lovingly pointed out that they, too, needed to receive salvation before Jesus comes back.

The person responded, “Eh, I’ve got a little time.”  To which I said, “Time?  Are you going to wait until Jesus splits the sky open?  It might be too late then!”

Y’all, I even actually saw the sky splitting wide open.

I had dreamed that dream early last week and, I admit, I told it to my friend, my mom, and my sister and that was it.  I didn’t think much more of it.  That is, until I read Whisper 54 from Dr. Rambo and got a little convicted that I didn’t do or say more.

Friend, we truly are living in the last days.  Each day that passes is another day closer for Jesus’s return.  I won’t lie, I look forward to that day, but it’s also a sobering thought thinking about others out in the world that still do not know Him and haven’t repented and accepted Him as their personal Savior.

Sweet friend, if you know Jesus, I encourage you to work while there is still yet day and spread the Good News and hope of Christ Jesus to the lost people in your world.

And friend, if you do not know Him, I hope and pray that you will come to an altar of prayer, confess your sins and repent of them, and give your life to the One who gave His life for you.




2 thoughts on “Whispers of the Spirit: A review and a warning.

  1. Beautifully convicting Cassie! It is so important that as followers of Christ to remember that we were given a task, a job, to share Him and introduce Him to as many people as possible. While we can’t choose their salvation for them, or develop their relationship with the One who loves them, they may never have that opportunity if we don’t introduce them. So important to walk in His light, and talk with His love.

    Thank you, Cassie, for the reminder.


  2. Beautifully written! As I was reading I could see your dream. It reminded me of my own I have when God first called me. I was intense, but a great reminder not to put of today what you think can be done tomorrow. Thank you for this! God bless you and continue to use you for His glory!


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