Give a little, gain a lot.

Gather around, friends.  It’s time to share something God spoke to my heart last week.

So, last week, I was causally praying about a certain thing.  I want to keep a little privacy here, so we’ll just refer to what I was praying about as that “thing“.  You know, just a causal prayer, “Lord, give us this thing“, as I was praying for other requests made known by the congregation at church.

It wasn’t one of those prayers that you could feel all of Heaven and earth moving.  But, friend, the reply from God that I received definitely moved me almost to the point of tears.

“You already have that thing,” He whispered. When you're down to nothing, God is up to something. (1)

Friend, I’m telling you, I had to just stop, pick my jaw off the floor, and think for a minute.  I already had the thing?  Pretty sure I didn’t or I wouldn’t be asking for it, right?  Pretty sure I’ve got a whole lot of nothing.

And that’s where He stopped me again and reminded me of the little boy that gave Jesus his five loaves and two fish to feed the five thousand.

The story of Jesus feeding the five thousand is a pretty popular story that most of us have heard a time or two.  (You can find it in John 6 or Matthew 14 if you want to read it for yourself.)   You know how it goes:  the people followed Jesus out to a desert place and He had compassion on them and healed those that were afflicted.  Well, next thing the disciples knew was that it was late in the evening and the people would surely starve by the time they returned back to town to get something to eat.  No drive-thrus back in those days, y’all.  But, Jesus asked the disciples what food was available and one brave, little boy offered his five loaves of bread and two fish to them.

the increase

Now, y’all, I read in a study bible a while back that the fish the boy was carrying were most likely sardines.  Yep, sardines.  Those tiny, little fish that some people like to snack on.  (Personally, I think sardines are akin to cat food… but to each their own, right?)  IF the boy was carrying around sardines, it would look like Jesus had a whole lot of nothing to feed the five thousand with.  Even if the two fish were, say, trout sized, that still wouldn’t be enough to tide over five thousand people just hanging out with Jesus in the desert.

But, friend, it was enough.  Jesus blessed it and multiplied it.

As I thought about the thing and its nothingness, I heard God say to my heart, “I’ll give the increase.”

And, friend, I’m fully expecting Him to do that.  Just like the child offering his lunch to Jesus for the five thousand, this thing that I have?  Well, I’m offering it to Him, too.  Through prayer, determination, and a little bit of work, I am confident the Lord can increase and multiply it.  I’m prepared to fight and do my part to see that increase, regardless of what it looks like to everyone else.


No, this thing doesn’t look a bit like I want it, too.  And yes, most people would (and do) say that it is nothing. But, with God in it, I have faith that someday soon it will be a something.

What have you given to God and watched as He increased it? Tell me below in the comments!



13 thoughts on “Give a little, gain a lot.

  1. What a terrific post, Cassie, with a great God moment. Isn’t it life-changing when His Holy Spirit speaks directly to our situation?
    Your writing is fun, relatable, and takes readers straight to Jesus. Love it! Will be praying for you and your “thing.” 😉 Visiting via By His Grace.


  2. Tithing! I was a poor student in college and every time I think about giving just a dollar, I told myself to give everything or the biggest bill in my wallet, to just trust in the Lord. And sure enough, he increased my financial aid amount by more than I ever gave in a year to the church! He gave me enough to last me the school year :).
    ALWAYS trust th e Lord with your $$$ 🙂 you’ll be blessed.


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