Don’t be discouraged + Free Printable


Have you ever been discouraged about a situation in your life?

I have.  And, friend, let me tell you.  Discouragement is one of these worst feelings in the world you will ever experience.  Maybe not the worst.  But, it’s up there.  Pretty close to ‘hangry’, actually.  Kidding.

Joking aside, the enemy of our soul loves for us to become discouraged.  When we become discouraged, we’re disheartened.  We lack enthusiasm.  And we lose hope.

You see, friend, discouragement is one of those tools the Devil has in his bag of tricks that he uses to make us lose focus on things above.  The Devil paints us such a menacing picture of our situation never changing, that we lost hope in the One that holds the future and we lose hope of a brighter day.


But, the adversary of our soul is not the only one with a bag of tools that can be used for fighting.  We, too, have a sword for combat.  The Bible, the book of truth.

1 Samuel 30 tells us of a time in King David’s life when he was greatly discouraged.  He and his troops had just returned home from fighting a battle and suddenly found that everyone and everything that was left behind while they were off fighting had been kidnapped or stolen.  That’s enough to make anyone distressed.  And because David was in charge, his life was being threatened by the very people he had just lead to victory in battle.  Talk about losing hope and being disheartened, right?  Pretty plain to see that David was discouraged.

But, David knew were his hope and salvation came from.  So, he cried unto God and encouraged himself in the Lord.  Because David trusted and inquired of the Lord, pretty soon, the Lord allowed everything and everyone that was lost to be restored.

And, friend, we, too, can absolutely be like David.  As children of God, we have the privilege to cry out to the Lord for help and encourage ourselves in Him.  The Bible is full of encouragement and promises from God that we can stand upon when times get encouragement cards printable-cassie l. wilson

He will never leave us.

He will never forsake us. 

He has promised to be with us even until the ends of the earth.

There is hope for a brighter day.  

Do you know someone who needs a little bit of encouragement today?  Print these five encouragement cards and give them to your friends!  Or stick them around your space as a daily reminder of the hope we have in Christ.  They’re even the perfect size to use as a post card.  And who doesn’t love happy mail?

Be encouraged, friend.

Brighter days are ahead!





Clip art for these cards was created by the talented Shanna at HuckleberryHearts.  You can find her over on Etsy.

5 thoughts on “Don’t be discouraged + Free Printable

  1. Learning to be content with where I am in life, trusting God and believing in His goodness is something He has been working with me on! Thank you for this. 🙂 Your printables are gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Cassie, I think your short sweet words were just what I needed this very moment. Thank you! And these scripture cards look absolutely stunning! Your friend from Grace girls on FB!

    Liked by 1 person

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