25 lessons in 25 years

Oh, boy.  You know how they say that once you graduate high school, everything feels like it was just yesterday?

I had a teacher in high school that used to tell me that pretty regularly.  I’ll be honest here, I’d just laugh at him and say, “Sure thing,” not really wanting to believe that time passes quickly.  And he would just smile, sit back in his chair with his hands folded and say, “You’ll see.”

I was in my teeny-bopper years, probably around fifteen or so, when my teacher made it a point to teach me and my classmates that lesson.

And.  It.  Feels.  Like.  It.  Was.  Just.  Yesterday. 


Today, friend, I turn twenty-five.  The ol’ quarter of a century.  Halfway to fifty.  And let me tell you, it really is hard to believe it has been ten years or more since my teacher pointed out that time passes faster than you think it does.  I’ve spent the last few years with eyes wide in horror realizing that my teacher was right.  Lesson=learned. 

25 lessons in 25 years - Cassie L. Wilson - learning to be the light

So, I thought for this week’s post, I’d share with you twenty five other lessons I’ve learned in my twenty five years of life.

Take note, friend.

  1. Every day, even the hard and aggravating days, is a blessing and a gift from God.  Try not to take them for granted.
  2. You have to choose to believe and see the good in everyone.  Sometimes, the good may be buried a little bit deeper down in a person compared to someone else, but I choose to believe it is there.
  3. Prayer is powerful.  Prayer changes things.  Sometimes, prayer even changes you.
  4. God has set each of us on a different path in life.  My path may be a little more rocky than yours and your path may have more valleys.  But just because our paths are different, it does not mean the directions we are headed are any less spectacular.
  5. People will show you their heart, if you take the time to pay attention and listen.
  6. It is more than okay to take a break from social media.  Sometimes, it’s even necessary.
  7. Never, ever (and I mean EVER) stir cookie dough with a whisk.
  8. If God is impressing upon your heart and telling you to do something, do it.  Someone else out there is depending on your obedience and your testimony.  I guarantee that you, too, will be blessed beyond belief in the process.
  9. Friends come in all shapes and sizes.
  10. Set aside time every single day to spend in the Word of God.  Sometimes, our questions of life won’t be answered if our Bible is closed.  Answers are found in the Word.
  11. When God says no, there is a good reason for it.  Trust Him.  An even greater yes is coming.
  12. James 1:3 says that the trying of our faith worketh patience.  A hard lesson to learn, but well worth it.  It may not feel like it and we might not want to, but patiently enduring a trial builds up our endurance for the next one.  The next storm very well may blow harder than the first, but we’ll be conditioned and well versed in patience to survive it.
  13. Today is the day of salvation.  We’re not guaranteed another tomorrow.  Do not put off getting right with God.
  14. When making preacher cookies (some of y’all out in Internet Land may know those oatmeal-chocolately-goodness-thingies as chewy Charlies, oatmeal quickies, drop cookies.  You know, those things.), don’t forget the peanut butter.  Trust me, chocolate covered oats are no bueno.
  15. The talents you’ve been blessed with are useful and important to Kingdom work.  Don’t waste it.
  16. It is better to stay single and patiently wait for the one God has prepared for you than to tie yourself to someone who will kick rocks in your path.
  17. It’s often the small, insignificant things that make a big impact.  Take time to appreciate the little things.
  18. A little is a lot when God is in the midst of it.  He alone gives the increase.
  19. The Lord is ever faithful and merciful.  He will never leave or forsake His people.  Trust His plan.
  20. Baby your second chances.
  21. Flowers do not solve all problems, but they’re a good start.
  22. When friends leave, it will be your family left by your side.  Do not take them for granted and cherish your parents and your siblings.
  23. A thoughtful, handwritten note of encouragement can brighten even the darkest of days.
  24. As Theodore Roosevelt once said, comparison is the thief of joy.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.  You were made for specific purpose.  Do not compare your life, your calling, or your purpose to those of others.
  25. Help won’t help tomorrow, if you give up today.

Lessons are sometimes hard to learn, friend.  And boy, do I know that to be the truth.  But, once learned, those lessons are oh-so valuable.  I may have complained a little while learning those lessons, but I’m thankful that I have.

What lessons have you had to learn that turned out to be valuable in your own life?  Share below in the comments!



6 thoughts on “25 lessons in 25 years

  1. The little things the devil throws at us daily can really cause us hurt just like a little wasp (or as we Southwest Virginian’s call them waspers) can use a small stinger that can cause a big hurt that lasts for days if we don’t ice it down and put a baking soda paste on the spot. Those small hurts can grow into larger problems if we don’t pray and open the Bible for help.

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  2. Love these! Such a great idea. Some of your lessons learned are also ones I have been learning in the past year: “Prayer is powerful. Prayer changes things. Sometimes, prayer even changes you.” ~ My pastor says it like this “Payer might not change the situation, but will always change you.”
    “If God is impressing upon your heart and telling you to do something, do it.” ~ So true! This has prompted my husband and me to many decisions lately.
    “The talents you’ve been blessed with are useful and important to Kingdom work.” ~ Absolutely encouraging 🙂
    “As Theodore Roosevelt once said, comparison is the thief of joy.” ~ Yes! I quoted this a few times on my blog!


  3. As a fellow quarter-of-a-century year old, I wanted to say I loved this post! I, too, learned a lot of these lessons throughout my 25 years on planet Earth. Loved 8, 10, 16, and 18! ❤


    1. Christina- #8 is something that took me a while to learn! Took a long time to realize I was being a Jonah when I ran from what God told me to do! Good thing He didn’t cause me to be swallowed up by a fish! 🙂


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